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We're looking for a Midday Meal Supervisor to join our team . Find out more and apply now: https://t.co/9VxpJxL2sv https://t.co/WbvTc2lHvj


WORLD BOOK DAY!!! These are pictures from our first stop and read! https://t.co/DKhERhBEtm


AKA Big Shaq! Monaé in Wren class has been learning some QUICK MATHS! Would you give her a shout out? She’s only 4 years old! https://t.co/rDGsGqP8t8


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School is OPEN! We have all our staff!!! We put the NO in SNOWDAY!


SNOW!!! Mr Hollis is very excited!!! https://t.co/DPxacOjXWv


It’s that time of year again!!! The kitchen staff served up an excellent Christmas lunch. Great job!!! It certainly kept Mr Hollis quiet! https://t.co/QkuKIt9QBc


Haling Park Values! We want your opinion once again! Take our survey and select three values for our school. https://t.co/r1Kk9HjjJB https://t.co/yMNjsqe8uC


If your child took part in this year’s Christmas card design, look out for your child’s artwork in their book bags this evening. Order now at https://t.co/9WDW9M5ZCG. The unique code is on the back of each card design.


Good morning from Haling Park! https://t.co/RsuPL4awLb


Final day of the book fair!! One last push to smash our target! Come and check out the amazing books and stationery on offer!


The book fair is...OPEN! We’ve already made £100! HPAHP get 60% of the total. That’s £60s worth of books already! https://t.co/f9BpiPS7lv


BOOK FAIR IS BACK!!! 3.10.17 will be our 1st day! Opening @ 8:15 to 8:45 and 3:20 to 4:00 We need to beat our target of £900. Help us do it! https://t.co/a5ZXdMBTyu


Help! How do you feel about homework? What should it look like in our school? Click the link, complete the surgery https://t.co/vKJd3d0HZh


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Amazing Ofsted Report. Heartfelt thanks to all the staff and teachers who have made the school outstanding!


Just 'OUT-STANDING' by the school! Excellent result for all of the community! ❤️2 Learn https://t.co/sYhR06SwmD


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Brilliant Ofsted result for - 'outstanding' in every category. https://t.co/T560aA8TXR


Wowsers! Year 1 have been learning about how different religions pray. Today Mrs Mangat spoke to us about how Hindus pray! https://t.co/w9WfF7yycB


Blue Jays are mixing water colours and using short brush strokes to recreate Monet's Water-Lily Pond! https://t.co/aoWsnzDxEr

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Happy outside the classroom

Hobbies, skills and experiences

Our teachers and other staff seek to discover and nurture at least one special talent within each child.  There is something for everyone in our extracurricular programme which is packed full of music, dance, and drama and sport. 

Typical outings and trips include learning about World War II at the Imperial War Museum, exploring the solar system at the Science Museum and experiencing ancient civilisations at the Horniman Museum. To help bring their lessons on the Tudors alive, pupils also visit Ightham Mote in Sevenoaks for an interactive, theatrical day of learning.

Every pupil has a friend

We want the Academy to feel friendly and welcoming and we always make sure that every pupil has at least one friend. Our children are taught to respect each other and their teachers. 

There is a zero tolerance approach to any type of bullying.

Traditional standards of behaviour

Our Academy is relaxed and comfortable but pupils know that good behaviour is expected of them. They are frequently praised and rewarded for trying their best and for being kind, hard-working and well-behaved.

Healthy and tasty meals

Our school lunches and other snacks and meals are healthy as well as tasty. Pupils may bring in packed lunches if they prefer. 

Wrap-around care

Our Breakfast Club and After School Club for all Haling Park children, is run by Holiplay.  Please come along and pick up an application form from the office.

Extra curricular activities

We have a range of extra curricular activities, these include Taekwondo, Street Dance, Football and Ballet.  We also offer private piano and drumming lessons. The clubs are well organised and fun.

If you are interested in or require any further information about the above, please contact the Academy office and a member of the office team will be happy to help.