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Well done Jared - you have tried really hard with your Formula 1 Factfile. We hope you liked writing about this subject, thank you for sharing your extra work!


It will be sad to part company, but I'm sure we will all keep working together on many things in the future! So long, not farewell!


Thank you Amy! We miss you!


Thank you Tomisin - we love your card!


Thank you Tobi, we will pass the message on to Ms Blackmon and Ms Atwood.


Thank you Tomisin!


We have loved being part of the hub team and it has been a privilege to work with children from the other academies.


Such concentration Matteo - your marble run looks great. Hope you enjoyed making it!


Thank you Keyan and Lyla - what lovely messages! We miss you! Hope to see you both soon.


Thank you Jayden - what a lovely picture, Miss Weaver will be proud! We miss you too - hopefully we will see you soon!


Fantastic Theo - we hope you really enjoyed making your sculpture for this week's home learning! It is brilliant!


Amazing! Thank you for sharing these photos - it looks like great fun too, and superb learning at the same time.


So pleased your science experiment on condensation was fun Alec - fantastic home learning!


We love your snake sculpture Alec - well done!


Amazing Elijah - it looks like you were having a great time doing your Science experiment! Glad you are loving the practical work.


And some photos to prove the egg was in tact at the end of the experiment! Eggscellent work Omari! (we couldn't help putting in the pun).


Here is his work, very clearly explained!


Loving your Science work Omari - thank you to mum for allowing us to share this video - you're doing a great job of home teaching! The experiment's aim was to find out if the egg would break when landing if they used a parachute... you can find out the results in this video...


Building a grand sculpture for home learning... we would love to see the finished article!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Governance & Scheme of Delegation (Academies)

The Role of a Governor

In England, there are over 300,000 School/Academy Governors, who form the largest volunteer force in the country.

Members of Academy Governing bodies work collectively to prerform a strategic role and carry out various key functions, including:

  • Discuss and set the aims and objectives for the Academy.
  • Ratify the required policies for achieving those aims and objectives.
  • Approve/Agree the required targets for achieving those aims and objectives.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress that the Academy is making towards its set aims and objectives.

The role of role of the Academy Governor is to provide challenge and support to the Principal, i.e. a 'critical friend.'

The Governing Body of Harris Primary Academy Haling Park

The Academy is a member of the Harris Federation. Ultimate responsibility for the Academy rests with the Board of Trustees of the Federation, (Federation governance details and scheme of delegation can be found (here), but much of the work of the Board is delegated to the Academy Governing Body which is comprised of the Governors of the Academy. Some Governors are appointed by the Federation whilst others are elected by parents or carers of students at the Academy or by staff. The details of the Governors at Harris Primary Academy Hailing Park are shown below.

The Chair of the Academy Governing Body is Dr Nigel Rata

The Safeguarding Governor is Afia Asha

The clerk to the Governing Body is Sherry Wood who can be contacted on

Harris Primary Academy Haling Park Governing Body

Name Date of Appointment Resignation Date Term of Office Appointed as Business and
Pecuniary Interests
Meetings Attended 2017-18 Meetings Attended 2018-19 Meetings Attended 2019-20

Dr Nigel Rata

30/06/2014   4 Years

Chair of Governors and Equalities and Needs.

Sponsor Governor

LMN - Director 6/6 6/6 3/6

Sir Daniel Moynihan

01/09/2014   4 Years Sponsor Governor CEO of Harris Federation 0 0 0
Mrs Sabeena Hasan 01/02/2018   4 Years Sponsor Governor None 1 1 1
Mrs Tracey Jarrett 02/01/2017 31/08/2019 Ex-officio Principal None 6/6 6/6 -
Miss Kate Wood 01/09/2019 24/11/2019 Ex-officio Head of Academy None - - 2
Mrs Dawn Venn 25/09/2019   Ex-officio
Interim Principal None - - 1/6
Ms Afia Asha 18/07/2018   4 Years

Vice-Chair/ Safeguarding Governor

Sponsor Governor

None 1/6 3/6 3/6
Mr Pran Patel 06/11/2018   4 Years

Chair of Finance and General Purposes Committee

Sponsor Governor

None 6/6 6/6 3/6
Ms Elmaz Korimbocus 09/05/2016 04/05/2020 4 Years Sponsor Governor None


3/3 1/3
Miss Anju Patel 01/09/2016   4 Years Sponsor Governor None 1 0 0
Ms Hannah Guerin 21/10/2016   4 Years Sponsor Governor None


3/3 2/3

Mr Dharmesh Chheda

02/02/2017   4 Years Sponsor Governor None



Mr Tendai Dhliwayo 01/02/2019   4 Years Parent Governor None - 3  


Jasmin Ali

30/11/2018   4 Years Staff Governor None - 3/3 2/3
Mrs Victoria Forbes 01/09/2019   4 Years Sponsor Governor None - - 1
Ms Alicia Crux
03/02/2020   4 Years Sponsor Governor None      

All Governors can be contacted at or via land line 0203 772 4560.